Risk Assessment Tool Update

This section should be updated on an annual basis. All other sections will be completed quarterly to track progress and identify opportunities for improvement. Each property should be walked thoroughly and each item addressed. Indicate whether or not conditions should receive a 1, 2, or 3 based upon the following criteria:


  1. None/Some of the time (1 Point)
  2. Most of the time (2 Points)
  3. All of the time (3 Points)
    N/A – Not Applicable
    Note: Each section will be totaled with N/A’s excluded to arrive at the final cumulative score for each property surveyed. Use the guide below to determine overall location safety rating performance.


Excellent – 95% or greater of total points available
Good – 90% of total points available
Average – 85% of total points available
Fair – 80% of total points available
Poor – 75% or less of total points available